March moves along as tick follows tock follows tick follows tock, and I continue with my meet the makers blog and photo project.
Here are most of the tools of my trade.

My overlocker and heavy duty sewing machine with a box of sewing feet for any occasion or need. My lovely hand felted pot for bits and bobs that doubles as a pin cushion. A lovely vintage tin full of pins, 4 types of scissors (Pinking Shears, fabric scissors paper scissors and snips) as well as a seam ripper. Various sized machine needles, cotton bobbins, tape measure (which I often forget is round my neck and people think I'm wearing it as a fashion accessory haha) and my iron. I love all of these tools and love spending time in my workshop whenever I can.
Day 5 was something I can't live without! crikey now that's a hard one.I missed my deadline cos I just couldn't make my mind up. In the end I whittled it down to 3 things

Hope Oil is my all time favourite moisturiser, it's heaven in a bottle and all natural too. I also can;t live without my Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur de Male scent. It's made for men but I just love love love it and often get compliments about how nice I smell. I originally bought it for my husband when we got married and I haven't stopped wearing it since. He never got a look in. And of course Tea, I simply can;t function without regular breaks for cups of tea, Best drink of the day!

Day 6 = Raw Materials

Cushion blanks waiting to be adorned                             Letters waiting to adorn cushions

and here are a few of the raw materials getting ready to be Naughty but Nice Cushions.
Today is How and Why. Hhhmmm I'll have to have a think about that so pop back again soon for more pics. xxx