So March is upon us and I'm taking part in the #meetthemakers project. Every day I'll be uploading a new photo and giving you a bit of information about The Pink Minx. 
To kick off, here's my logo it was designed for me in the 90's and came with a little spiel....
The Pink Minx appears before your eyes, from the bottle that seemed to lure you.
In a cloud of pink fizz you see her form with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
You know you can't resist the power of The Pink Minx
I'm a genie in a bottle baby, you better rub me the right way!

So here I am, day 2 a picture of yours truly Maker, impresario, bingo caller, entertainer, youth worker, busy housewife and mother of 2. If the truth be known, I like nothing better than an opportunity to dress up and show off, but the again I like to chill out in front of the fire in my jammies, but then I'm also a contrary bugger. 
Tomorrow is day 3, so here's a sneaky peak at what I'll be posting...

My workspace

Fabric, washed, ironed, folded and sorted

all the other bits and bobs

Tune in again on Sunday for more instalments or follow me @  or at